Permanent Exhibits

MuMo invites visitors to explore and learn about molas from their artistic side through its five exhibits:

  • Technique and Evolution of the Mola
  • Cosmovision
  • Surroundings
  • Layers
  • Molas and Storytelling

Temporary Exhibits

Dule Revolution

The Dule Revolution of 1925, an uprising of indigenous Gunas, is a highly significant incident in Panama's 20th century history. To many, it is remembered as a totally unwarranted massacre instigated by a half-mad adventurer. For the Gunas, on the other hand, it is a key event in their history, an event that signals the dangers and threats of the Western world and the need to resist them.

What really happened in February 1925, its causes and background, indicate that the Gunas, far from being violent by nature, only rebelled after years of mistreatment and peaceful resistance. Fortunately, the rebellion ended with an agreement that still exists between the government and the indigenous people. what, will allow you to make your own mola.

Text originally prepared for the international conference The Dule Revolution: an indigenous rebellion of the 20th century held at the Gold Museum on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 as support for the temporary exhibition Molas, layers of wisdom.


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